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In this section you will find:

Fender D6-3 bridge re-glued (Sept 2008)

Peerless Monarch frets leveled (July 2008)

Peerless Tonemaster new topnut & string alignment (July 2008)

Hyundai classical neck, top & brace repair (June 2008)

Yamaha RGX312 el. guitar restoring broken-off pieces due to a fall (June 2008)

Warmoth Strat changing pickups to Bare Knuckle PU's (Oct 2006 - Feb 2007)

Strat changing pickups to Texas Specials (2007)

Cuban Tres broken headstock repair (2006)

Egmond? Jazzmodel full restoration (2005)

Martin Acoustic steelstring refretjob and creating backbow in fretboard (2005)

Note: Only the interesting repairstories will be showed on this site


Fender D6-3 bridge re-glued

Fender D6-3


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Peerless Monarch frets leveled

This particular instrument had fallen down off the guitarstand

Taped off the fretboard with maskingtape

Mark the frets with black permanent marker

Level the frets with a file, and where the black is still visible you know there are a few low spots.

two frets recrowned

all frets done

Look how they shine.


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Peerless Tonemaster new topnut & string alignment

This particular instrument had fallen down off the guitarstand

The old nut will be removed because of some broken off pieces of bone.

Due to a fall.

New nut blank

Oversized nut-blank

New topnut sawn and shaped and glued to the neck

No this is not snow that has fallen onto the vice, but real bone-dust

Broken off toggle switch due to the fall. Replacement installed later.

The correct nutspacing done. The topnut is still much too high, but first

I needed to set and adjust the rest properly before I could do anything final to it.

All in between parts the same distance from each other.

Bigsby dead-center on the top-glue-line

now the alignment of the Bigsby tremolo and bridge.

Measuring from the neck to the place of the bridge


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Hyundai classical neck, top & brace repair

History 2008

Budget Guitar from the secondary school where my Wife teaches music.

So I had to come up with a cheap way of fixing these problems.

Neck broken off the body.

Neck glued back on

Top loose from sides

Glued back together

Loose brace on back

Glued brace


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Yamaha RGX312 el. guitar

History 2008

The following pictures were taken at my own workshop in Breukelen


Jackoutput broken due to a severe fall,

Body (wood) damaged at the Jack-area, many big separate pieces fell completely off

I had to conjure up a cheap solution, as this guitar is being used (and battered)

by children at the secondary school where my wife teaches music.

I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin enterinRemoved guitarparts and all electronics

Glued wooden body pieces together

Wooden insert plate for inside electronics-cavety (made to fit and glued)

Fitted a new Jackoutput

Mounted Guitarparts

Adjusted trusrod

Mounted the new Jackoutput

Cleaned the Guitar

Cleaned and oiled fretboard


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Warmoth Strat changing pickups to Bare Knuckle PU's

Purple Warmoth Strat


- please change pickups to Bare Knuckle Pickups

- please change bridgesaddles to Graph Tech zadelsg your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

Picture of finished result.


removed neck

removed bridgesaddles

mounted Graph Tech saddles

worked out a complete wiring-system for pickups and push/pull

wired and soldered volume - and tone pots and Megaswitch

wired Seymour Duncan pickup phase-corrected

changed 5-way switch for Schaller “S”type Megaswitch

mounted and soldered jack-insert

soldered ground-wire for bridge

mounted pick-guard

attached new strings (D’Addario XL 09-042 EXL120)

adjusted action (stringheight)

filed down topnut to avoid “buzzing”

adjusted pickup height

adjusted intonation

cleaned total guitar


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Strat changing pickups to Texas Specials

History 2007

The following pictures were taken at my own workshop in Breukelen

Blue Strat


Please change pickups & pickguard to Fender Texas Special Pickups

Removed screws that holds pickguard, and jack-insert

Pickguard and jack-insert and ground-wire removed

Always make a note of the wiring diagram before cutting it up!

Close up for future reference

Mounted all pots, wiring, switch and new pickups to new pickguard 

Wired and soldered volume - and tone pots and switch

Filled old screwholes in body from pickguard with wood (see white dots)

Drilled new holes as new pickguard had different spacings

Mounted pickguard

Mounted groundwire to bridge

Mounted and soldered jack-insert

Picture of finished result.

Filed down topnut to avoid “buzzing”

Adjusted pickup height

Adjusted intonation

Cleaned the guitar


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Cuban Tres broken headstock repair

Cuban "Tres"

Broken Headstock

Glued back together

Neck with a coat of finish

Tuning gear mounted and strings attached

The finished result!


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Egmond? Jazzmodel


- Electronics are not working

- Adjustment (playability not good)

Repair & maintenance:

Removed strings

Removed pickguard and pickup + glue residue from

removed pickup from top (added a thin coat of finish)

Removed tuning-gear (one button missing)

Filled old screw-holes from tuning-gear with wood

Installed new tuning gear

Filed down sides of frets (sticking out because of

shrinking of wood) Frets leveled and polished

Completely changed electronics and

attached ground-wire to tailpiece

Drilled holes for pots in top

Installed new volume and tone pots with buttons

Drilled hole for Jack-insert in “bottom” and

Installed new jack-insert

Adjusted pickup height, added extra length of pickup-wire

Mounted new straplocks

Mounted a new pickguard

Glued topnut

Adapted new adjustable wooden bridge to arch of top

Filed string-spacing in adjustable wooden bridge

Attached new strings

Adjusted action (stringheight)

Cleaned and oiled fretboard

Cleaned complete guitar

This guitar belongs to someone who did not touch it for more than 30 years. His Wife thought it was a good idea to restore it for his 60th birthday.

The finished and playable result.


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Martin Acoustic steelstring

History 2005

The following pictures were taken at my own workshop in Breukelen

Repair & maintenance:

Martin D-28 Steelstring Acoustic Guitar

Serial number                  : 311292 (on heelblock in body)

Additional #                    : B35968 (on heelcap)

Construction Date :         1971-1972

Price in 1972 : $ 495,-

- Frets worn-out

- Adjusting (playability) not right


- Non-adjustable truss rod (square tube)

- Neck not strong enough,

strings are pulling too hard and make relief too big.

- Correct this by sanding the fretboard with a little back bow

- Number of frets were replaced before

- Bridgepins worn-out

- Pickguard not original

Badly worn-out frets

Tuning-machines removed

The spaces in between the frets are very dirty

All frets removed

All frets removed (correction in fretboard)

Topnut removed

Fretboard sanded and adapted

(a little back bow to compensate string pull)

Glue and sand-dust mixed together to fill in some damaged edges.

Refretted the fretboard

Frets leveled (dressed)

Frets polished

Fret ends filled and sanded smooth

Bridge (wood) lowered (stringheight adapted)

Bridge nut lowered and adapted (stringheight)

Bridge-pinholes adapted for new bridge-pins,

keep old ones for originality

Tuning-machines mounted

New strings attached

Topnut glued and adapted for new stringheight

Fretboard and bridge finished with oil

The customer was so pleased with the result!

And this guitar sounded incredible!

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